Vancouver Facts Pros and Cons

Vancouver Facts Pros and Cons

Here is an amazing photo of Vancouver that you could view on a daily basis

In a day you could go hiking, to the beach, shop downtown and take a walk along a river in a day.
Vancouver is near the world-renowned skiing destination a mere 2 hours away, Whistler Village and Blackcomb
Best climate in Canada if you don’t enjoy the Canadian freeze,

Vancouver barely ever reaches below zero and gets way to hot in the summer though gets around 25–35 degrees 
Large Asian population especially in Richmond (part of the Vancouver area)
Very multicultural and very little racism in the city.
Awesome views and nature are all around.

We have a growing tech industry like EA SPORT 
Awesome beaches and because of Vancouver Island you are protected from the massive Pacific waves that make the beaches unswimmable without lifeguards which we don’t have.
We have the Vancouver Canucks.
We are the most English speaking major Canadian region in Canada (Vancouver has a tiny actual sq km size 3 times smaller than the next biggest Canadian city so I am saying region) Not saying that I am discriminating French speakers because I am one but it is better for American tourists who we are very close to.
We have a fairly low crime rate
We have a very well-funded children’s hospital
We are Canada’s largest port city in the country.
We have one of the most highly prestigious universities in Canada and still popular in the U.S. University of British Columbia.
We have a way less popular university in the middle of the lower mainland (what people mean when they say Vancouver pretty much because the fact the city of Vancouver is so small in size)
We have another University, the British Columbia Institute of Technology, fueling our tech industry.

Vancouver has the seriously high price of living. The immigration just keeps rising the already huge prices for housing and renting. Downtown has become a hot spot for drug deals
Surrey, the region’s second highest populated city (because of its massive size, although is is mostly low-density residential) has a high relative crime rate and a true hot spot for drug deals

Congestion. Oh god, it’s bad which is due to the next one…
Our public transit sucks, we have a good bus network but our Skytrain (above ground metro system) doesn’t cover enough and just isn’t popular because most people still use cars despite its low cost for taking public transit.
Despite the fact that the cons are large the only one which will kill you is the cost of housing which is around 3x higher than in Seattle.

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