Raise Your Voice ….Make your voice heard by signing this Petition against Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc Petition

Raise Your Voice…Make your voice heard by signing this Petition against Royal Air Maroc

   Royal Air Maroc is one of the most criticized and hated airlines not only by Moroccan but also by anyone Who flew with them. it seems that no one had a good experience with them everyone had almost a nightmare when or after the flew them: Its give a bad name for Morocco and all hard-working Moroccan especially those who work or live abroad…

  its Structure as one of the worst Bureaucratic Organization. Power is held by a few people. Most of them know each other or are related. and the sad thing about all these this No care attitude is poisoned whole company from their top Management to little baggage porter  …They are all are Hiding behind the world Royal  Simply they are  Untouchable. Anyone who frequently has used this airline will tell you of when they also dealt with terrible and rude service.

One of the voices that criticize them publicly is the British ambassador to Morocco Thomas Reilly has shared more than eight tweets to express frustration about the lack of communication from Royal Air Maroc (RAM) personnel. The tweets came just a few days after Reilly complained about a RAM flight delay on Friday, February 7 










Samples twits from other angry customers














and just before the launch of this petition: Liberian Court, has ordered Royal Air Maroc to pay $350,162 in damages to a passenger for losing his luggage.

Some reviews from its Customers 

For this reason, we will be collecting the signatures that we will be sharing with their partner and every Major airport they use to cut ties with these corrupt Airline …

Please sign bellow and Thank You 

Petition Contre les Services de la RAM envers les MRE at Autres

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