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Fatima zahra asked 4 years ago

I have a big interest to immigrate to vancouver any adivices or ideas brothers and sisters ?

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Hamid TouisseMoroccan Staff answered 4 years ago

First You don’t immigrate to Vancouver You Immigrate to Canada Or Quebec , and after you choose the city to reside.

Bellow is quick overview what steps you need first:

A Guide to Immigrate to Canada

Determine your eligibility
This includes immigration programs you can apply for:
Programs for workers
Federal skilled workers (for people with skilled professional work experience)
Canadian Experience Class (for people with in-Canada skilled professional work experience)
Federal Skilled Trades Program (for people with experience in skilled manual work)
Quebec-selected skilled workers (for people with skilled work experience who want to live in the province of Quebec)
Provincial nominees (for people who want to go to a specific province)
Start-up visa (for people who have a business idea and someone to fund it)
Self-employed people (for people who want to be self-employed in agriculture, sports, or the arts)
Sponsorship programs
Family sponsorship
Sponsoring refugees
Apply to immigrate
This includes applying through the new Express Entry system. Applying for the economic immigration program, start-up visa, self-employed program, caregivers and sponsorship programs.
Prepare for Canada
This includes the following:
Prepare to work
Finding a job
Getting your credentials assessed
Prepare financially
Choose a city
Learn English and French
Get to know Canada
Learn what you can bring to Canada
Bring the right documents
Get help adjusting to Canada

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