• Who is more powerful politician or a businessman?

    Who is more powerful politician or a businessman?



    Donald Trump,is probably more powerful than the  majority of any politician.
    He’s a major businessman with hands in pretty much everything, including a hand in America’s culture through The Apprentice and Miss Universe Pageants. Even some people wealthier than Trump have less influence or power than he does.

    businessman’s position can stay stable for much longer because he know how to deal and his connection to the Banking system .
    With Trump win on November 8 Election the new world Corporatocracy will be more used widely .
    Corporatocracy=is the Economic and political system controlled by corporations or corporate interests. It is most often used today as a term to describe the current economic situation in a particular country, especially the United States.

    Corporations now spend billions may be trillions a year on lobbying . They use to be the government partners.
    Now with Trump winning they don’t need to anymore .they become the government.

    I know most of you are cheering for Clinton win on Tuesday but i have feeling Trump will win this election and

    The new chapter of history will start …

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