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Canada Immigration

Find out how you can immigrate to Canada. And how to protect yourself from fraud and what to expect after you arrive in Canada Canada Immigration Questions and Answers

Traveling to Morocco

What You Need to Know Before Traveling to Morocco Things you should know before you go to Morocco. And few other things to keep in mind to have a safe and joyful trip

Enjoy Louis Armstrong while watching …..

Special thanks to the best surf guide to morocco – Daniel Meallem, for an amazing experience! facebook.com/danielmeallem This Video shut with Panasonic GH3 and graded within FCPX.

Consular Card

Every Moroccan national, who resides in the Canada., must be registered at the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Montreal to get a consular card his formality will allow: The consulate to better know the Moroccan community that it is strives to protect, administer and assist in times of need An easier administrative
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The Moroccan Consulate Visit to Vancouver

Sorry this event is canceled  Sorry this event is canceled  Sorry this event is canceled  www.moroccan.ca is  proud to announce  that The Moroccan Mobile Consulate will be offering their services  in Vancouver and surrounding area on May 21, 2016  . The location will be announced  later on . You need to register with me please
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Defending Moroccan Territorial Integrity

Hello Alex This regarding your article “Activist Standoff  Focuses on Morocco” appeared on Jan 20 in you paper www.peacearchnews.com   This our view we were hoping that you did some search and look for the other side view .. we feel sorry for these two innocent people i hope their parents put some sense into
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