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Canada Immigration

Find out how you can immigrate to Canada. And how to protect yourself from fraud and what to expect after you arrive in Canada Canada Immigration Questions and Answers

Traveling to Morocco

What You Need to Know Before Traveling to Morocco Things you should know before you go to Morocco. And few other things to keep in mind to have a safe and joyful trip

Canada vs. Morocco | International Friendly

Canada vs. Morocco | International Friendly CANADA VS. MOROCCO Tuesday, October 11, 3 pm ET Grand Stade de Marrakech, Marrakesh, Morocco [bdotcom_bm bannerid=”1012″] . The Tuesday international match will be broadcast live on CanadaSoccer.com at 15.00 ET / 12.00 PT. Canada will face Morocco in a Men’s International Friendly match on Tuesday 11 October. The
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When you first want to immigrate to Canada, you probably chose a city or town of destination based on several factors: You might have already had family or friends in that city. You had visited the city before and liked it. You had done your research and believed it was the right choice for you
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Short documentary tribute to Agadir

Short documentary tribute to Agadir, a town on the northwest coast of Africa , which was rocked by a massive earthquake in 1960. Directed by a Moroccan expatriate who lost family and friends in the disaster, this film commemorates the tragedy and the past that the author left behind when he came to settle in
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Ramadan Karim 2016

In accordance with the Fiqh Council of North America, we will begin Ramadan on Monday, June 6th, insha’Allah. On this occasion www.morocan.ca would like to wish you blessed Ramadan . May this Ramadan bring joy, health and wealth to you For Complete Ramadan Calendar please click here to download this for Vancouver and surronding area

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