Moroccan clementines invade Canadian market

Moroccan clementines invade Canadian market

Moroccan clementines have been very popular since they arrived on the Canadian market almost two weeks ago, they are in fact the most consumemoroccan-ca-moroccan-mandarinsd in their category on the market.

The product is well displayed in stores as well as at the entrance of supermarkets and is often on special offer. Demand is high and retailers are making the most of it tempt as many consumers as possible.

Canadian importers are pleased with the product, but Morocco must now make sure that the offer does not flood the market- they need to make sure they regulate exports. To maintain demand, a communication campaign will occur at the start of December. Morocco is also trying to increase their tomato and pepper exports to Canada. However, the diversity of fresh products in Canada is important and there is high competition from local and Mexican producers. Citrus demand is high in Canada, 57,000 tons from Morocco were consumed in 2015-2016, compared to 35,000 tons in 2012-2013.

By Friday all BC  you should see these early Clementines  From Berkane . The taste is outstanding . Go get them and they are available only at Superstores or any Loblaw stores like No Frills , YIG, Loblaw market.

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