• Morocca.ca Wishes You Ramadan Kareem

    Morocca.ca  Wishes You Ramadan Kareem

    All the Muslims out there just get ready because finally, Ramadan Mubarak month has all arrived. Ramadan is mentioned to be the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.
    This month is often observed by all the Muslims worldwide as being the month of fasting.
    This month is considered to be one of the most important pillars of Islam on which the whole foundation of the Islam has been based on. It is the month that let the Muslim move towards the God and makes their relationship stronger. 
    This month of Ramadan lasts for about 29-30 days of duration in which the Muslims have to perform the fast.
    They have to keep them all away from food items and drinks.
    The arrival of the Ramadan month is based on the visual sightings of the crescent moon that is hence just according to various types of the biographical accounts compiled in the hadith
    Moroccan In Vancouver will be joining thousands of Muslims  in and around Mainland   Thursday  celebrating the beginning of Ramadan  
    Ramadan Kareem
    On this Occasion Moroccan.ca wishes you, Ramadan, Kareem 

    For this occasion, PM Justin Trudeau delivered the following message to Muslims In Canada  

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