Please consider the case of  Vancouver resident  AYMAN, a 20 year-old son who by circumstance found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Prosecutors and police now wish to make an example of him due merely to his proximity to heedless but harmless peers. Now AYMAN faces a lengthy and costly legal battle to save he and his mother’s future.

    Please consider a donation to aid Latifa Mirdass’s mother’s legal defense that is  25 000.00 $ and Vancouver resident. Ayman  faces a possible 4-year sentence for causing harm to no one. He has been a model citizen and a good son. Let’s not allow Ayman  and his mother’s future to be turned upside down due to such a frivolous charge. There is such a thing as justice but there is also such a thing as needless persecution. Let’s help bring some justice!

    For more information on this case, please contact Ayman Mother Laltifa at 604 500 4397 or Via email latifamirdass@hotmail.com .

    All donation assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    برنامج ساعة مع الجالية. قصة السيدة لطيفة من كندا

    Posted by Mohamed Said Ouafi on Monday, November 27, 2017

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