• Defending Moroccan Territorial Integrity

    Hello Alex

    This regarding your article “Activist Standoff  Focuses on Morocco” appeared on Jan 20 in you paper



    This our view

    we were hoping that you did some search and look for the other side view ..

    we feel sorry for these two innocent people i hope their parents put some sense into them before too late .

    Even though they had  intention to harm the Moroccan Integrity of its territory they still be allowed in and travel from North to south  with no question asked they could do that in any other country ..this tell how Morocco is democratic and stable fair country …even when they were stopped in region where their  lives might be at risk the Moroccan authorities provide them with taxi to go back where its more safe . Because they were heading to region of Tindouf where Al-Qaida Maghreb , Polizario, and other Terrorist groups and Drug smuggler in Sahel rules .

    This new tactic for these terrorist organization  to recruit new young western people to cause more  in name of Human Right .harm as happened  Now in Paris or  few years ago in Algeria ( Blow up of gas plant  in south Algeria by Young Canadian   this young was recruited in name of Human right after her turned to terrorist  )

    i will be happy to meet with you to discuss this subject more  and will be happy to meet their family to apologize of any mistreatment of these two innocent naïf young people.

    Morocco is one country from North to Mauritania been that and will be always. None can dispute that  even . and Moroccan in Lower Main land are most peaceful and respectable community .

    Hamid Touisse

    on Behalf of the Moroccan Community In Vancouver





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