• Consular Card

    Every Moroccan national, who resides in the Canada., must be registered at the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Montreal to get a consular card his formality will allow:

    • The consulate to better know the Moroccan community that it is strives to protect, administer and assist in times of need
    • An easier administrative process for Moroccan nationals residing in Canada who desire to obtain specific documents eg. CNIE, biometric passport, family book, procuration, attestations ect.

    Kindly note that registration with the Consulate General is mandatory prior to any consular services. Registration takes effect immediately and provides you with a consular I.D. that you may use as proof of your registration with Consulate General. Please note however that while the consular ID is required for any consular service, it is not a formal identification document and cannot replace the CNIE or the passport

    For the new applicant please use this form 

    If you already  have a Consular Card and need to update your info in case it changed , please fellow the link 


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