Celine Dion Might perform in Morocco’s Mawazine Festival

Celine Dion Might perform in Morocco’s Mawazine Festival



 This Summer Celine Dion Might perform in Morocco’s Mawazine Festival    Celine Dion fans in Morocco might just get lucky this year, as the management of Morocco’s Mawazine Festival are negotiating with Celine Dion to get the Canadian diva to headline this year’s edition, which will run from June 22 to 30.
Morocco Cultures Association, the festival organizers, and Celine Dion have already failed once, four months ago. Dion’s demands — including a performance fee of $218,500 in addition to expenses for a 160-member entourage — proved too expensive for the organizers.
Mawazine is a critically acclaimed festival that boasts a truly eclectic, international lineup every year, bringing together luminaries of world music as well as huge international pop stars. Past editions have seen the likes of Rihanna, Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera, Elton John, Demi Lovato, Wiz Khalifa and Kylie Minogue take the stage to perform to vast crowds. In recent years, attendance figures across the week have topped 2 million.



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