Amazon TV ad features Imam and priest exchange gifts

Amazon TV ad features Imam and priest exchange gifts


Amazon is launching a TV ad in which an imam and a priest exchange gifts, The company, which is launching the campaign in the US, UK; Germany, and Now CANADA said it was aware of the sensitivities of portraying an inter-faith friendship between religious community leaders.

We wanted to get the story right because we were aware it might seem a sensitive subject to some people, We have gone to great lengths, it has taken us months to develop it.’ said Amazon’s advertising director.

It sees two old pals – a priest and an Imam – getting together for a cup of tea and a chat, during which they both have a bit of a moan about their aching knees.

The TV ad depicts the friendship of a Christian priest and a Muslim imam whose shared experience of aging joints leads them to unknowingly send one another matching knee pads.

Both the men featured in the ad are residents living in the UK. The vicar is from Paddington Green church in west London, and the imam is a principal at the Muslim School Oadby in Leicester.

The most surprising thing about Amazon’s latest ad for its Prime service is that it appears to be the first time a Muslim cleric has been featured in a television ad shown in the United States.


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